Festival of Industry design

Celebrating Enfield’s industrial heritage, the Festival of Industry delivered creative activities to residents whilst creating a step change for the borough’s creative sector and stronger connections with national-level partners.

event photo © Simon O’Connor

Enfield Council engaged Studio Breve to design the festival’s brand identity from scratch. We conducted detailed research into Enfield’s proud industrial heritage and contemporary diverse communities to inform our development of their brand identity. This employed bright colours, isometric icons, modern typefaces and stylised imagery. It struck a balance between Enfield’s industrial legacy and its vibrant arts, culture, and diverse community.

The bold, stylized typefaces we chose symbolised Enfield’s industrial heritage, whilst the playful accents, (discreetly spelling out ‘Enfield’) embodied the artistic spirit and diversity of the borough’s community. Bright colours represented rich cultural heritage. A wide range of vivid hues symbolized the cultures that have shaped the town, highlighting inclusivity and multiculturalism.

Communicating our design ideas with partner organisations was key. We needed to ensure that the multiple festival partners all adhered to the same visual branding across different communication channels. So, we produced a comprehensive Marketing Material pack for distribution. Alongside this, we designed visually arresting banners, flyers and social media posts advertising and celebrating the festival’s varied events.