Jude’s Ice Cream

Jude’s has evolved to become an iconic UK brand. A family business, their much-loved products are stocked nationally and have picked up over 50 Great Taste Awards. Alongside crafting incredible ice cream, Jude’s is proud to be a carbon negative certified B Corp which has donated over £250,000 to various charities.

Meanwhile here at Studio Breve, we are proud to have worked with Jude’s since 2013. We design their packaging, point of sale, marketing and some social media campaigns. We produce clean, bright designs to emphasis their fun, welcoming nature. We prepare vibrant banners, posters, freezer wrappers and ice cream van branding for Jude’s UK-wide scooping parlours. Their cheery feel is replicated by us throughout their marketing materials.

When designing packaging for their 40+ retail products, we work from conception to final product. Starting with early visual development, our mock ups inform the technical packaging layout (compliant with multiple standards) and associated artwork. We help ensure that all packaging is eye-catching and technically fit for purpose.

When Jude’s invents a new delicious flavour, we sometimes create an animation to showcase the product. By using vibrant imagery in campaigns, we keep it fun… just like Jude’s.